Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Shades of green

Two weeks ago, after 4 years on a waiting list, I was offered an allotment in Highgate. For those of you who live in less urban environments, an allotment is a tiny plot of land that the council rents to you (for a very small amount of money), providing you prove you can make use of it...

This was a whole 125 square metres just for us to grow all our fruit and vegetables. My dad burst out laughing when I told him the size of the plot. For him, land is counted in hectares...

After contemplating the amount of work that was involved, we decided that it was not the right time for us to take on such a time consuming project. I am so sad about it.
I had visions of picking up the kids at school and going to the allotment in spring to do some work while the kids have a snack, do some messy play and run around. Not this year.We decided to stay on the waiting list for now, as there are too many projects that need to be completed in our home first.

On this note, I am mostly monochrome kind of person, but there are certain colours that I just love, and green has to be one of my favourite colours. 
Here are a few photographs for you sourced on Pinterest.


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