Thursday 14 March 2013

{Kids} How to store your lego! Swoop Bag

I am in my eyeballs in Legos and all sorts of small toys! How do you store yours?

My daughter complained to me that the way I was storing her Legos was not appropriate to play. I keep them in a box and according to her the box is too deep and not wide enough. It ends up being tipped every time, small pieces getting lost...

So while researching storage ideas for kids rooms, I came across this great post by Room-to-bloom. Ursula is a dutch interior designer based in London and specialises in kids spaces. She has great tips all around, but my favourite tip was on how to store your Legos.

Let me introduce you to the Swoop bag!

Swoop lego bag

Swoop lego bag

Each Swoop bag is a playmat and toy bag all in one. You can store all your small toys (Legos, Playmobils, building blocks, cars...) in this durable canvas bag, open it very easily with a drawstring and then swoop it all out of sight! 

Swoop lego bag

It comes in 2 sizes and also in all these cool colours. What a great design, so simple and effective. I just love it!

If you missed my previous Legos post, check it out.


  1. Thanks for the mention Nadia - Swoop bags rock.

    1. They are fantastic! On my shopping list... Thanks for dropping by!


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