Sunday, 24 February 2013

{Kids} Wooden Lego blocks by Mokurokku

Lego was pretty much the only toy that lasted all through my childhood, spending precious hours playing with them. The 40s toy is enjoying a revival via the Japanese firm  Mokurokku and their wooden lego blocks. Each box contains 50 bricks (2x4) and I think they might even be compatible with regular Lego blocks. I'd love to see a combination of the colourful ones and the wooden ones together.

Wooden Lego blocks by Mokurokku

I could take this opportunity to have a go at Lego for their gender specific marketing with the Lego Friends range. In my days, Legos for girls were called Legos... Yellow, red, blue! 

I might have in the past, but it is only since we introduced the pink bricks into our home that my daughter has taken a keen interest in building with the little bricks. 

We now have a huge collection, since we have all of Nico's ones from his childhood, as well as many from the new friends range. Her most recent constructions have included a space ship, a pen holder & a 2 storey house for her Moshi Monsters.

Wooden Lego blocks by Mokurokku

Wooden Lego blocks by Mokurokku
VIA Highsnob
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