Friday, 22 February 2013

{Art} Altered route by Kilian Martin and Bret Novak

Today I have something very different for you... I have to confess that this post was influenced by spending more time than usual with my lovely husband, since he has been home sick.

Since we have all been a bit unwell these past few days, we have spent a lot of time procrastinating and watching youtube and vimeo videos on our Apple tv. My favourite was this one: Altered route. 

Kilian Martin is a freestyle skateboarder and he teamed up with filmmaker Brett Novak to create this beautiful video, all to the song "Adventures in your own backyard" by Patrick Watson. The result is this elegant 4 minute short film.

It is not your typical skateboarding video. His moves are fluid and effortless, an almost dance like sequence set in the Mojave desert. I love it!
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