Saturday 15 February 2014

{Sports} Perfect Formula 1 pit stop by Ferrari crew

I love a well coordinated team! And this Ferrari Formula One crew are rehearsing their pitstop choreography to perfection! They are all amazingly calm and precise under pressure. Crazy impressive!

It all reminds me of when my husband [ then boyfriend ] and I met, we used to watch entire seasons of Formula One with our good old friend C. I can not believe the commitment on our part: all the qualifications and races. There was no btvision or tevo then. We had so much time on our hands!

So this if for all you F1 fans! Watch and enjoy!

Thursday 13 February 2014

{Interiors} Top 10 coolest kids bunk beds

Bunk beds are a fantastic way of saving space and avoiding the bedtime argument of who switches the light off and when. Each child has some privacy as well as control over their sleep.
Since our 2 years old and 8 years old share a bedroom, we decided to tackle the sleeping arrangements last weekend.

{Interiors} Top 10 coolest kids bunk beds
I turned to one of my favourite Pinterest boards for some inspiration for the best bunk bed ideas for kids rooms. Here is a selection of my top 10. They really make me wish I was a kid again...

{Interiors} Top 10 coolest kids bunk beds
single traditional white simple bunk bed
Single Bunk Bed in White
{Interiors} Top 10 coolest kids bunk beds
Apartment therapy
{Interiors} Top 10 coolest kids bunk beds
{Interiors} Top 10 coolest kids bunk beds
bunk bed with storage modern kids room
Bunk Bed with Storage by Arthauss

{Interiors} Top 10 coolest kids bunk beds
Or what about this cool sleeper with built in stairs.
top bunk bed for kids room
Bunk Bed Tala

I love the simple metal frame of this black metallic bunk sleeper.
single metal bunk sleeper bed for kids room
Single Metal bunk bed
I have chosen the IKEA Mydal bunk bed for the kid's room, and I look forward to doing my very own IKEA hack. I'll keep you posted on the progress. Check out this really cool IKEA Hack for inspiration!

{Interiors} Top 10 coolest kids bunk beds
Ikea Hacker
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