Rue du chat-qui-pêche is working to become a well known source for readers from all over the world, looking for great design, art and ideas to inspire them.

Become a Rue du chat-qui-pêche sponsor and get a chance to promote your company, product or service directly to our readers.
If you have a product that fits the Rue du chat-qui-pêche concept and would like to advertise with us, you are welcome to contact me with your proposal. Your banner will be placed under the sponsors buttons.

As an alternative option, if you'd like to giveaway a product on our site, and be featured in a post, please contact me.

Do you have a blog, too? Maybe we could swap a small ad (170px x 170px button) that will be placed in my sidebar. I will also be mentioning your blog on my facebook page and pin some of your posts. In exchange you will put my button on your blog!
We can also discuss guest posting if there is a good fit.
If you have any questions or are interested, send me an email: 

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