Saturday 2 March 2013

{DIY} How to dip dye cutlery

Today I have some DIY for your weekend. Dipped cutlery pieces are popping up everywhere on the web, and I love them!

It looks so easy to do... I haven't done it yet but it is on my to do list. Either as a reunification project for all the mismatched cutlery we have, and also as set pieces or serving cutlery. I think I'll go Yellow and Grey!

You will need:
  • inexpensive cutlery ( I think patterned looks better)
  • a tin of Plasti Dip. It is a rubberised coating that comes in lots of different colors.

How to:
  • hold onto the end of the utensil dipping the handle into the Plasti Dip as far as you want, avoiding the area used to eat.
  • when taken out let the excess drip, then turn over for plastic dip to begin setting.
  • dip each piece twice to get desired colour.
  • place the dry end underneath a heavy box and let the utensils sit to dry as described on the tin.
  • When they are first dipped you no longer see any pattern on the utensil. Once they are completely dry, you can see the pattern again.
  • Don't put them in the dishwasher as the coating might get ruined. 
Voila! Easy right? Now have fun experimenting...


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  1. That plasti dip sounds great for turning silverware into something fun! Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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