Sunday, 24 March 2013

{DIY} Concrete lamp pendant

I thought you might enjoy some DIY for your weekend to avoid facing the blizzard. Enjoy!

Concrete has to be one of my favourite materials. It is tactile, textural, strong, versatile, cheap... I am completely obsessed with original concrete uses! So here is the latest one I have found: a concrete lamp pendant.
This project is very simple to do once you've gathered all the bits you need. The step by step instructions are so easy to follow and will only take about 2 hours to complete. I definitely have it on my must make list!

Check out the details by Ben from HomeMade for making your own. If you decide to make one, email me the photos so I can see them and share them!

{DIY} Concrete lamp pendant

Wouldn't it look amazing with one of these neon electrical wire cords? A cluster of different shapes and sizes above a nice dining table!
{DIY} Concrete lamp pendant Neon cable
Alternatively you can get your very own delivered to your door.

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