Sunday, 17 February 2013

{Kids} FUNharmonics on the Southbank

It's tricky to get kids interested in activities that are fun for you also... As a mum of 2, I have had my fair share of kiddy music classes. I still attend 2 a week with my 19 month old. Thankfully, as kids get older, their interests evolve, so we upgraded from church halls, to the Royal Festival Hall.

Last weekend, I took my children to our first LPO FUNharmonics Family Concert. These are wonderful grand orchestra concerts for kids, presented by Chris Jarvis from CBeebies (clever!). It took him and conductor Nicolas Collon a couple of minutes to get the Hall settled and focused. The format is to keep things short and simple: one hour long, interactive, engaging and entertaining. With wonderful classical pieces by Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, and Stravinsky.

Also, throughout the morning in the foyer of the Royal Festival Hall, children can have a go at playing an orchestra instrument or join the Human Orchestra workshops. These concerts are very popular and tickets go quickly, so book early. I already booked ours or the 13th May, although my eldest (7) is already a bit old or them, my youngest will love it!

In the meantime here are some lovely illustrations to What makes an orchestra - written and illustrated  by Jan Balet (1965).
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