Tuesday, 26 February 2013

{Art} Damien Hirst for Red Nose Day 2013

My daughter's school does a lot of fundraising! All the kids are very aware that they need to be involved in their communities, and act if they want things to change. Since the next big fundraiser is for Red Nose DayI thought I would share it with you...

All in the shape of Damien Hirst's 50 limited edition prints of his diamond-encrusted skull with a Comic Relief red nose. 

{Art} Damien Hirst for Red Nose Day 2013

One of the prints is displayed at the Tate Modern until Sunday 3rd March 2013. The other ones are for sale for lucky collectors for £2,500 each. All the proceeds of the sales will go towards the fundraising efforts of the 25th Red Nose Day on the 15th March 2013.

So think of something fun to do with the kids and help fundraiseYou can find more details on their website on how they spend the money raised in the UK and in Africa.
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